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Brilliant Makes the Safest Lifts in the World
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Safety and reliability make the world trust Brilliant made!
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Brilliant Lift - Proprietary Brand in China

Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual Industry Group Co. Ltd (002689.SZ), as a member of Shenyang Yuanda Group, headquarters in Shenyang, Liaoning. Since the establishment in 2001, it grows into a diversified and internationalized high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise in lifts and intelligent robots. The products are widely used in military special weapons and equipments, aeronautics and astronautics, watercrafts, rail transports, NEVs, mechanical sheet metal processing and others.

92 sales branches and offices
121 after-sales service centers
124 spare parts centers
covering more than 140 countries and regions
Global Distribution

BLT Elevator from Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual Industry Group is an independent elevator brand in China. It has formed a global strategic pattern of "92 sales branches and offices, 121 after-sales service centers and 124 spare parts centers, covering more than 140 countries and regions"

Global Sales Network
High-End Manufacture
World Factory
National Brand
News Center
Product Center
锐智(RICH-MRL) 小机房产品
New RICH Series
Small Machine Room Elevators
Upgraded high-end intelligent small machine room elevators
锐智(RICH-MRL) 无机房产品
Panoramic Elevators
It integrates safety, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection and humanized design.
锐智(RICH-V/RICH-MRLV) 观光电梯产品
Machine Room Less Products
Save more construction cost and bring more flexibility to the exterior design of the building
RICH-B Series
Bed Elevators
Make a life bloom again with continuous innovation of elevator design concept
卓悦系列 小机房乘客电梯
CHOI Ⅲ Series
Small Machine Room Elevators
Safe and reliable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly, stable and comfortable, simple and convenient
卓悦(CHOI-MRL) 无机房产品
Machine Room Less Elevators
Innovatively designed machine room less elevators
卓悦系列 旧楼加装(无机房)电梯
Accessional Machine Room Less Elevators
Provide one-stop service for retrofitting elevators to former buildings
自动扶梯 自动人行道
Escalators Passenger Conveyors
The concept of continuous innovation
is an ideal vehicle to connect the floors
嘉·悦(GHOI)系列 家用电梯产品
GHOI Series
Home Elevators
The idea of continuous innovation of elevators
博林特 BLT-QS 高速小机房电梯
High-Speed Small Machine Room Elevators
A series of products tailored to customer needs
博林特 BLT-QS 高速小机房电梯
Freight Elevators
It gives you the power to run the city
Exquisite Projects

No matter where, Brilliant Lifts with its first-class quality and excellent performance could give you the interpretation of fine style. Brilliant passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, bed elevators, freight elevators and other series of products are widely used in residential buildings, business buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, medical institutions and other places, based on the requirements of the brand era as well as the function and design style of different structures, deeply show the new concept of elevator culture and unremitting pursuit.