Accessional Elevator for Old Building
(Machine Room Less Elevator)
Yuanda Intellectual Brilliant Accessional Elevator
Provide "
" service for retrofitting elevators to former buildings
Yuanda BLT, Shanghai retrofitting ' first elevator '
Exclusive government high add directly, housing value of more than 100,000
Enjoy the "elevator house" comfortable and convenient

With the aging population and rising property prices, it has become a major livelihood problem for the people to get up and down. It is the general trend to install elevators in old buildings, and it is also a livelihood project advocated and encouraged by the current government.

According to the market situation, Yuanda Intellectual BLT has carried out in-depth and comprehensive research and practice on the installation of elevators in old buildings.

The group has invested tens of millions of CNY of scientific research funds, established the old building add elevator business department, has applied for a number of add elevator related national patents, at the same time in Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu and other places to expand the development of add elevator products, accumulated rich experience.

Yuanda Intellectual BLT retrofitting elevator provides one-stop service for users, from early consultation, application approval, design, construction, pipeline transformation to elevator installation for users to provide the most intimate professional service, Yuanda Intellectual BLT added elevator, make travel more convenient!

The whole process of retrofitting elevator installation implementation process to solve customers' worries

Scene investigation
To achieve the professional early supporting services for each project, from the rationalization of the design direction, different combinations of the design scheme and the final project list quotation, can assist in the following aspects:

1. It is suggested to determine the planning direction of the project according to the achieved experience and network
2. the site for residential or group building positioning, buried relevant coordinates and elevation points
3. Confirm the site layout
4. the project wiring, determine the unit project axis, and in the construction floor by floor transfer
5. Risk analysis and feasibility study
6. Ensure compliance with local government regulations
7. Planning and management before construction
8. The overall planning provides reasonable suggestions for the design

Engineering design
During the initial design planning phase of the project, efforts were made to gain an in-depth understanding of the original architectural design style of the project.
From the origin of the project to the specific planning of the project and the organization of the project construction scheme, as well as the specific needs of the customer to consider the development of a practical and effective plan.

1. Unity of design, function and aesthetic requirements in cooperation with customers
2. Provide detailed plan, elevation and detail drawings to customers
3, to provide customers with selected materials and samples for reference

Supporting services

1. Consultation on pre-construction application procedures for the installation of elevators
2. Consultation on installation budget and cost sharing mode
3, elevator steel structure well construction mode and suggestions
4. Well construction management and technical guidance
5. Reinforcement braiding of civil foundation, field formwork combination and waterproof treatment of civil maintenance
6. Material pretreatment
7, professional site positioning and lifting
8. Welding and processing of steel structure
9. Loading and installation of glass and plate
10. We understand local building code requirements and ability to work with government departments to ensure smooth establishment
11.Good working conditions between us and our customers


Yuanda Intellectual Brilliant Elevator provides customers with consulting and answering, budgeting, design, approval, construction, elevator installation, acceptance and integrated services, so that customers can be more worried, at ease and at ease.

Integrated service

Assist the owner to reach a consensus, application approval, design, pipeline transformation, construction, elevator installation, acceptance and other one-stop services.


Yuanda Intellectual Brilliant Elevator has nearly 20 years of elevator manufacturing and installation experience, professional installation, understand the characteristics of old buildings, so that the elevator is safer.

Highly targeted

Focus on the existing building elevator, in the old building and external elevator combination has the industry's most cutting-edge research results.

Scientific design

Comprehensively consider building structure, ventilation, lighting, comfort and other factors to provide professional solutions for the owner.

Professional docking

In the field of community reconstruction, we have had many years of work docking with various government departments, become more familiar with the declaration process and improve the declaration efficiency.

Quality assurance

Brand reputation, quality assurance, pay attention to details at all stages of design, construction and elevator installation, and protect the vital interests of the owner.

Accessional elevator for old building (machine room less elevator)
Elevator Control Part

○ the display in the car adopts LED or liquid crystal display, with zero radiation, low power consumption, low heat dissipation, clear floor display image and novel vision;
○ ultra thin wall mounted call box is adopted outside the hall door for easy installation;
○ the brake adopts energy-saving and pressure reducing control mode of induction coil, which is greener and energy-saving, reduces heating and improves working stability;
○ safety protection disconnection detection function to avoid alarm omission caused by disconnection;
○ the elevator adopts mpdk176 control and drive system, and adopts double 32-bit processing chips, which integrates the functions of elevator controller and high-performance vector converter. It is an elevator drive and control system with it as the core:

Advanced technology:
The system perfectly integrates the industrial field bus technology into the elevator control, so that the elevator operation is more safe, accurate and rapid. Through the microcomputer processor distributed in each part of the elevator, it flexibly and accurately controls the action of each part of the elevator.

Precise control:
The optimal speed change curve output by the control system after precise calculation is perfectly applied to the operation of the elevator, which eliminates the discomfort of taking the elevator and makes the speed change happen unconsciously when the elevator starts, runs and stops;

High reliability:
Mature industrial bus technology and SMT surface mount technology reduce the volume and weight of the product, improve the anti-interference and anti vibration ability of the whole machine, and ensure the reliable operation of the system.

Easy to operate:
Good man-machine interface makes debugging and configuration very simple, which greatly meets the changing requirements of buildings and passengers; Multi category fault handling, detailed fault record information and accurate historical data storage can enable you to get accurate elevator fault information.

People oriented:
It has the functions of Internet of things (remote monitoring, community monitoring), wireless intercom and so on, so as to reduce the additional harm caused by elevator trapped people.

○ Select the world famous low-voltage electrical products factory, prolong the electrical life of the system and ensure the reliability of the work;
○ The end station adopts software and hardware double redundant protection to make the elevator safer and more reliable.

Wireless Network-based Remote System Management and monitoring Platform (Elevator Internet of Things)

○ The Internet of Things system monitors the elevator operation 24 hours a day.
○ Early warning and active notice can effectively prevent elevator accidents.

Accessional elevator for old building (small machine roomless elevator)
Compact gearless permanent magnet synchronous direct drive traction machine

○ the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is adopted, with compact structure, exquisite and excellent performance. The coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer combined control technology are fully integrated, with low operation cost and low energy loss, which can save more than 33% of energy compared with general traditional technology;
○ bearings of well-known brands, equipped with high-performance permanent magnets, and plate type electromagnetic brakes with mature industry are adopted, with large braking torque and low holding brake sound;
○ the measurement system and frequency converter are compatible with each other, and the system has been optimally configured;
○ motor overheating protection function and opening detection function are configured to achieve safer and effective operation.

Excellent Door System

○ permanent magnet synchronous motor frequency conversion drive door machine system is adopted, which has the characteristics of low speed, high efficiency, constant torque, high control accuracy, low noise, low vibration and maintenance free;
○ response time < 75ms, effectively ensuring the safe access of passengers;
○ the door motor adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has the characteristics of compact structure, low speed, large torque, high efficiency, low operating noise, low vibration and long service life;
○ special landing door anti-collision sill shall be adopted to avoid the risk of falling down the shaft due to human reasons;
○ the safety protection device adopts advanced light curtain, cross light scanning in the whole process of opening and closing the door, without external controller, and has good electromagnetic compatibility and anti-optical interference.

IC Card Function

○ set the card holder's access to the elevator as required.
○ effectively shield miscellaneous personnel and insure the safety in the community.
○ people without card or authority cannot use the elevator, which can effectively save power.