It sets up the concept of "talent is an important strategic resource", leads independent innovation with talent gathering, supports high-end industry with excellent talents, and builds competitive advantage with innovative talents, which provides talent guarantee and intellectual support for the company to realize leapfrog development. Brilliant has established a perfect training mechanism, according to the practical needs of employees, to carry out various forms of vocational training, so that the organization's development goals and personal development goals organically combined.

As a responsible and excellent enterprise, we believe that talents are the source of enterprise survival and development. We firmly adhere to the right wind, the right spirit to attract talents, with the career space to develop talents. We advocate the team concept of "responsibility, pragmatism, innovation and cooperation", provide a harmonious working atmosphere for employees, and encourage employees to "live first, production later", and strive to give everyone at Yuanda a sense of home.

To make all kinds of talents' abilities, the group to build "Germany first, superior, can use" the elite of entrepreneurial teams as the goal, put forward the use of "four laws of one hundred percent", namely "the talented person giving one hundred percent of power, to give one hundred percent of trust, set up one hundred percent of the stage and provide one hundred percent of service". Focusing on comprehensively improving the efficiency of talent development, the Group adopts the mode of "carte Blanche and responsible management" and optimizes the allocation of various talents according to their management ability, professional quality and technical level. From senior management talents to ordinary skilled talents, the group sets goals, gives power and burdens to each person. In terms of the use of talents, the "leader geese" of the RESEARCH and development team are selected in an eclectic manner, without regard to seniority.

A person willing to mediocrity, passive work, will never experience the joy of creating a career. We encourage the spirit of initiative and innovation. As long as you have the confidence to succeed, the perseverance to pursue your career and the enthusiasm to dare to think and do, we will provide you with a broad space for development and an opportunity to achieve self-value. Join us, you do not choose a job, but choose a platform to show your talent; You don't choose a way to make a living, you choose a way to create your own life.

Yuanda people believe in the behavior concept of "doing things honestly and treating people honestly", and are willing to build yuanda "world family" with friends all over the world.

Yuanda is willing to create a brilliant future together with all the talents in the world!

Yuanda, wish the sincere people great future!