RICH Series
Small Machine Room Elevator
RICH Series
New and upgraded high-end intelligent small machine room elevator

High-end comfortable
Perfect combination of high car and LED lighting, inlay integrated control panel, diverse styles, novel style. The car decoration shows the luxury, the traditional and modern perfect fusion, to build elegant and comfortable mobile space.

Excellent Door System

The screen door
○ High sensitivity, non-contact design.
○ Response time < 65ms, effectively ensure the safety of passengers.

○ The door system adopts permanent magnet synchronous drive technology, energy saving and environmental protection; Full closed-loop control, prolong the elevator operation life; Synchronous belt drive, smooth operation and low noise.
○ More than 8 million times of opening and closing tests and landing door system impact test certification, to ensure safe, stable and reliable operation of the elevator door system.
○ The upper and lower holding devices are adopted to prevent the door from leaving its guide device and avoid the danger of falling into the well for human reasons.
○ Integrated car door lock, prevent falling into the well, to ensure the safety of passengers.

Internet of Things System (optional)

Big data: real-time data transmission, massive dynamic data
Internet of Things: intelligent identification, positioning, tracking and monitoring of elevators
Cloud computing: Unified management and scheduling on the cloud, enabling users to access the system at any time and use it on demand
Wireless transmission: no wiring, plug and play
Easy installation: simple debugging, convenient maintenance
Intelligent software platform: through the Internet or mobile APP can realize the monitoring and management of the elevator
Safety prevention: intelligent fault identification, key reminder
Note: Users need to bear certain Internet access costs.

Excellent Control System

1. Dock directly
Improve the efficiency of elevator operation and reduce the waiting time of users.

2. Strong scalability
The interface has strong anti-interference and can be flexibly extended to enrich the functions of the elevator.

3. Stable and reliable
The system adopts imported chip, the control part and the drive part are perfectly combined to minimize the failure rate.

4. Customize I/O points
The system is more flexible and convenient for customers to carry out personalized design.

Wireless Network-based Remote System Management and monitoring Platform (Elevator Internet of Things)

○ The Internet of Things system monitors the elevator operation 24 hours a day.
○ Early warning and active notice can effectively prevent elevator accidents.

Energy Feedback Technique

Brilliant elevator energy feedback technology is to use the elevator in the process of up run or down run potential energy unbalance principle, by automatically detecting dc bus voltage of the inverter, the DC voltage of the DC link of the inverter is inverted into the AC voltage with the same frequency and phase as the power grid voltage, after multiple filter to get "green elevator" no "pollution" of power grids, not only make the elevator energy consumption is decreased, also supply other electrical equipment in the same power system, and the electricity returned to the grid can reach more than 97% of the power generation energy, and energy savings of 50% can be achieved

The Introduction Of High-End Elevator Design Concept

The comprehensive application of the roller guide shoes can effectively reduce the running resistance and make the elevator run more smoothly. It advocates the concept of green environmental protection, without lubrication and completely get rid of oil pollution in the well.

Practical, Convenient And Comfortable Humanized Design

○ High car + multiple shock absorption.
○ Diversified, multi-style car decoration design.
○ Integrated control panel: beautiful, convenient installation, convenient maintenance.
○ Direct stop: Based on the principle of distance, automatic operation to generate a running curve, no crawling, direct stop at the leveling position.
○ Anti-disturbance under light load: limit the number of instructions registered in the car at the same time under light load, only the default first instruction operation.
○ Automatic cancellation of arrival gong at night: When this function is enabled, the elevator will cancel the notification of arrival gong within the set time range.
○ Pre-opening: When the elevator is operating automatically, it opens the door in advance when approaching the destination floor to maximize the efficiency of the elevator. ○ Car intelligent energy saving (fan, lighting automatically stop with no one in car)
○ Car button microbright: keep microbright when the elevator is standby, and highlight after the instruction is registered.

Cabin LED Lighting System

○ Standard LED lighting system, safe, efficient, energy saving, easy to maintain.
○ Vibration resistance, impact resistance, especially suitable for elevator sports products lighting.
○ The actual life can reach more than 50000 hours.