Panoramic Elevator

RICH-V/RICH-MRLV Panoramic elevator series products in line with the safety, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection, human design in one of the design concept, specially tailored for high quality residential, hotel and economic, transformation of customer needs and professional configuration design. This series of products have the characteristics of simple decoration, chic, rich emotional appeal, safe and comfortable structure configuration.

The concept of check
RICH-V/RICH-MRLV Panoramic Elevator

RICH-V small machine room panoramic elevator, the use of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, compact structure, with thin control cabinet, minimize the room space, the size of the machine room can be reduced to the same as the well, convenient civil construction layout, to provide customers with more free space.

RICH-MRLV machine room-less sightseeing elevator, the weight of the main engine and system is carried on the main rail and the heavy rail, free from the bondage of the building. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of civil engineering, the height of the top station is appropriately reduced, and the influence of the whole machine on the building is minimized. There is no need to open holes in the top station, and the main engine beam and rope head beam of the traditional structure are cancelled to reduce the dependence of elevator products on the building.

Excellent Professional Elevator Microcomputer Control System

○ Control system in the absorption of advanced German design concept at the same time, continuous innovation, the development of intelligent serial communication elevator special control system;
○ The main control chip uses industrial 32-bit ARM architecture microprocessor, the main frequency is up to 72MHZ, the operation speed is super fast;
○ Mature industrial bus technology, SMT surface mount technology, high reliability, strong seismic ability, low electromagnetic and radio frequency interference;
○ Convenient system management and accurate historical data storage, expert analysis, intelligent maintenance of data.

High Speed Can Bus Fully Serial Distributed Network

○ Low electromagnetic radiation;
○ High transmission rate;
○ With a wide input range of differential receiver, strong anti-interference;
○ Automatically protect the bus pins in the transient state;
○ With short circuit protection function;
○ Reserved communication ports for remote debugging.

Efficient Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Platform

RICH-V/RICH-MRLV Panoramic elevator series products use multi-ultra-low speed direct drive permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, without huge and inefficient reduction device, using the field oriented vector transformation control, directly improve the work efficiency, reduce the size of the traction machine, eliminate the noise and vibration of gear transmission, energy saving can reach more than 30%; Fully enclosed design, without regular refueling, reduce oil pollution to the environment. In short, permanent magnet synchronous traction machine has high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, maintenance free, space saving and other outstanding characteristics, is an environmentally friendly product.

Excellent Door System

The screen door
○ High sensitivity, non-contact design.
○ Response time < 65ms, effectively ensure the safety of passengers.

○ The door system adopts permanent magnet synchronous drive technology, energy saving and environmental protection; Full closed-loop control, prolong the elevator operation life; Synchronous belt drive, smooth operation and low noise.
○ More than 8 million times of opening and closing tests and landing door system impact test certification, to ensure safe, stable and reliable operation of the elevator door system.
○ The upper and lower holding devices are adopted to prevent the door from leaving its guide device and avoid the danger of falling into the well for human reasons.
○ Integrated car door lock, prevent falling into the well, to ensure the safety of passengers.

Perfect Interpretation, Humanized Design Concept

○ A new design concept has been given to the sightseeing elevator, which fully reflects the human needs in the design.
○ Multiple shock absorption and advanced control system greatly increase the comfort of passengers.
○ Simple and easy to read operation and display panel fully consider the principle of human engineering.
○ Loyal to the function of the elevator decoration, beautiful, elegant design style, rich design style can be suitable for different architectural connotation.