GHOI Series
Home Lift
GHOI Series
Home Lift
Innovative elevator concept
GHOI series Home Lift

○ GHOI series villa elevator uses steel belt instead of steel wire rope structure, and there is no machine room of traditional elevator, which makes the structure of the building more flexible and diverse.

○ Home lift design is comfortable, silent, energy-saving and efficient. The gearless traction machine with permanent magnet synchronous technology reduces the overall energy consumption by about 30%, has higher efficiency and lower noise, avoids the environmental pollution caused by gear oil, and can be said to be a green driving system; Adopt high-performance driving technology and apply special algorithms for driving home elevators to start the operation experience and rise to the level of business elevators; At the same time, the most advanced control and drive technology is adopted to promote energy saving and greatly reduce the electromagnetic noise of the motor; The control cabinet adopts new technology, comprehensive silent design and slim size to make the elevator more in line with the home environment.

○ safe and carefree. With internationally certified sto safety control technology, VV ensuring reliable operation control of home elevators; The use of special star sealing scheme can completely solve the problem of car falling and braking during elevator emergency stop, and there is no safety risk; The terminal landing adopts double redundancy protection of software and hardware to make the elevator operation more safe and reliable; It has many safety protection functions, such as automatic fault rescue, power failure emergency rescue, electric brake release, car one button dial comfort and so on; Accurate historical data storage can enable you to get accurate elevator fault information.

○ intelligent interconnection. It can be combined with modern technologies such as elevator Internet of things, service platform and human-computer interaction to realize real-time monitoring of elevator operation status, environment and fault prevention. Use the client app to view the elevator status and maintenance status, so as to realize the user's good experience.

○ a variety of wall mounted call boxes can be selected for calling outside the hall, which is easy to install, beautiful and practical; The carefully built decorative lift car is elegant, colorful and rich in style, which is more suitable for the luxurious or quiet atmosphere of the family.

○ the driving machine is placed above the guide rail and separated from the concrete wall through the damping structure to avoid the impact of host vibration on the guide rail. Because the main machine is separated from the shaft wall, the stress and deformation caused by different thermal expansion coefficients are avoided, the dependence of the main engine installation on buildings is reduced, the installation difficulty is reduced, and the adaptability of the elevator to various building shafts is improved.

○ the car frame adopts triple vibration reduction design. The whole car is isolated from the guide rail through the guide shoe roller. The impact of external vibration source on the car is reduced through the professional vibration reduction structure of car roof and car bottom, and passengers will feel more comfortable and stable.

○ the car mechanical locking device and upper mechanical blocking device are adopted for the car roof, and the lower mechanical blocking device is adopted for the pit, so as to ensure the safety of workers when working on the car roof and pit.

○ with scientific overall layout, optimized structural design and component selection, the installation efficiency is doubled, and the work is more worry-saving and labor-saving.

○ close cost control, spend less money on value villa stairs, and realize a worry free life up and down.

○ silent fan can quickly replace the air, making people feel more comfortable. The user can control the fan to switch between energy-saving operation (automatically start when calling the elevator and automatically stop when timeout) and normally closed mode, which is more convenient.

Intelligent technology is safe and reliable
Innovative Traction System
Energy Saving / Environmental Protection / Safety
The volume can be reduced by more than 30%
Save more than 40% of electric energy
Control system replacement and function upgrade

◎ exquisite integration
With integrated design and deep integration, the volume of control cabinet is only 30% of that of traditional control cabinet.
It is exquisite in shape and flexible in installation, which is perfectly integrated with the style of architecture and home decoration.
◎ quiet direct
No contactor application, no fan design, and the volume of the control cabinet meets the standard of suitable living environment.
◎ comfortable experience
High performance driving platform and innovative algorithm completely solve the problem of elevator starting and running comfort.
◎ safe and carefree
Original "5S" design concept: small, silence, save, safe, smart.
It has multiple security guarantees such as intelligent automatic rescue, automatic rescue in case of power failure, one key rescue and so on.

Car roof integrated box
Product features:
Small size, ultra-thin, more suitable for home elevator applications;
At the same time, it supports the application of automatic door and manual door.


◎ Shaft Has Strong Adaptability
The top floor is small, and the drive is completely outside the car projection plane. Top floor height 2900mm,
In special cases, it can even be 2550mm.

◎ Environmental Protection and Maintenance Free
a. The guide shoe adopts roller guide shoe.
b. The steel strip does not need oil.
c. All bearings are RS sealed to avoid evaporation of lubricating oil.

◎Low Noise and Vibration
The steel strip is on both sides of the guide rail, and the center of gravity of the lift car completely coincides with the lifting center, including when the lift car is under eccentric load, the center of gravity can also be between the two steel strips. The roller guide shoe has the least stress and lower noise. Steel belt transmission eliminates the cutting sound of steel wire rope and rope groove.