Sheet Metal Processing Center
Germany CNC hydraulic punching shear machining center

Germany advanced sheet metal punching and shearing machining center, with large processing range and high speed punching speed, effectively improve the processing efficiency. The high intelligent punch makes the tool replacement, the size of the punching shear force and the punching speed fully realize the automatic control. The tool breaks through the size limit and can be rotated 360° flexibly. Advanced automatic loading and unloading system and residual material collection system can continuously punch and shear all kinds of parts to achieve efficient automation of processing.

Germany laser cutting processing center

The laser cutting machining center introduced from Germany adopts the gas laser with rf excitation, equipped with the full flight optical path and switched workbench, which greatly improves the processing speed of sheet metal. Non-contact automatic height tracking system for accurate measurement, calculation and control, with machining accuracy up to ±0.03mm. Hi-las function, when cutting stainless steel obtain no oxidation cutting surface, so that the workpiece produced is more beautiful. The laser cutting machining center can achieve arbitrary cutting from 12mm thick plate to thin plate, so that the workpiece reaches a perfect state.

VIPROS, Japan - 357Q Turret Multi-station Machining Center

Yuanda Intellectual Brilliant elevator has a number of VIPROS357Q turret multi-station machining centers, which are the core of AMADA's sheet metal processing machines. Super production capacity, suitable for short delivery time, a variety of products processing. 58 turret stations, equipped with automatic loading and unloading machine. Hydraulic clutch and brake ensure high precision machining.

Japan Fo-3015 CNC Laser Machining Center

AMADA company CNC laser processing center FO - 3015 is a kind of high speed and high precision numerical control laser processing center, Shaft shifting device is equipped with double drive way, make the flight characteristics of the laser cutting head got into full play, fine control mode to make flight type laser cutting head, no matter the thin plate or thick plate can achieve high speed and stable machining.